MPC News Flash

NRC to ICRP-103 Proposed Rule - The NRC is proposing to amend 10 CFR 20 to align with the ICRP Report 103 for Radiation Protection standards. 07/25/14

NRC Publishes Proposed Rule for Medical Events - NRC has published for comment a proposed rule covering medical events for brachytherapy, training and establishment of Associate RSO. 07/21/14

FDA Publishes Draft Informed Consent Guidance - The FDA has published a draft version of proposed guidance for "Informed Consent" for all IRB's and research uses of FDA regulated entities. Comment period expires September 15, 2014. 07/16/14

TJC DELAYS Implementation of Diagnostic Imaging Standards to July 1, 2015 - Due to stakeholder feedback, which now requires further research, The Joint Commission (TJC) has delayed the implementation date for it's revised Diagnostic Imaging Standards to July 1, 2015. 05/15/14

CMS Eliminates "Direct Supervision" Requirement - CMS has eliminated the burdensome requirement of "Direct Supervision" by a physician / pharmacist of NMT's compounding radiopharmaceuticals. 02-09-14

MITA Introduces "Imaging Forward" - The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has introduced an "Imaging Forward" campaign to note how innovative as well as the effects on health care of recent and forthcoming advances in medical imaging. 03-04-14

Cardiologists Urged to Counsel Patients if Dose Greater than 20 mSv - The Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) has recommended that cardiologists educate patients if procedures will result in a dose greater than 20 mSv. Doses less than 3 mSv would not require counselling. 02-17-14


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