MPC News Flash

Radiation Safety Webinar - The American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM) is providing a one(1) hour webinar on 01/19/16 on Radiation Safety. 01/12/16

NRC Seeks to Revise I-131 Patient Release - The NRC is seeking public comment on a number of issues regarding patient release of patients treated with Sodium Iodide-131 in order to revise a patient information brochure and patient release regulations in 10 CFR 35.75. Comment period ends 02/16/15. 11/24/15

ACR Publishes Patient Dose Chart - The American College of Radiology has published a "Patient Dose Chart" intended to better communicate with both patients and attending physicians regarding radiation dose from various exams. 11/10/15

Shine Gets Initial NRC Approval - Shine Medical Technologies has received NRC approval for a construction permit for their facility to produce Mo-99. 10/26/15


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