MPC News Flash

RSO Update Course - October 2015 Medical Physics Consultants, Inc is offering a RSO Update Course at our Ann Arbor office October 19-23, 2015. To Hold your spot, a deposit of $500 is required. For more information, please contact Tracy King at or 734.662.3197. 03/25/14


CT Reimbursement Cut Possible- Medicare is implementing 5% cuts to CT reimbursements if NEMA XR-29 is not followed by January, 2016. 04/06/15

Rad Safety in SPECT/CT and PET/CT Webinar - The SNMMI will present a "Voice Accredited" webinar on 04/23/15 on Radiation Safety in SPECT / CT and PET / CT. 02/17/15

NRU Extends Operations - The Canadian government announced that the NRU reactor at Chalk River would extends it's operation until March, 2018. 02/16/15

TJC Revised Diagnostic Imaging Standards - On 01/09/15 The Joint Commission (TJC) released their revised standards for Diagnostic Imaging. As an MPC client you should note that we have been performing all of the noted requirements for you for many years prior to this release. 01/09/15


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