MPC News Flash

Sterile Compounding of Radiopharmaceuticals - White Paper - The SNMMI Committee on Radiopharmaceuticals (COR) has prepared a "White-Paper" of suggestions to the USP for sterile compounding of radiopharmaceuticals. 12/20/16

NRC Issues Revised License Guidance for Breast Seed Localization - NRC has issued Revision 1 of it's original I-125 and Pd-103 seed localization for breast tumors. 10/18/16

NRC Proposes "Final Rule" for Part 35 - NRC has published a proposed "final rule" to amend 10 CFR 35. It will become a "Final Rule" officially 180 day post publication in the Federal Register. 07/30/16

TJC Reverses Course on CT Tech Requirements - The Joint Commission has removed the requirement of CT certification and proof of advanced course achievement for CT technologists by January, 2018. 06/27/16

NEW Michigan Ionizing Radiation Rules - The State of Michigan has rewritten it's rules for ionizing radiation effective immediately for X-ray use only. Radioactive materials are excluded. 06/08/16

TJC Diagnostic Update Session Notes - The AAPM conducted a review session during it's March, 2016 meeting of the TJC diagnostic imaging requirements. These are the MPC notes from that session. 05/13/16

New NRC Y-90 Microsphere Guidance - On 02/19/16 the NRC issued new guidance for licensing and use of Y-90 labelled microspheres. 03/01/16



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